Junior High

Preparing your child for college and their adult life

We recognize that you are concerned that your child is well prepared for any college of their choice and their adult life. We are pleased to offer small class sizes, which bring many benefits including individualized attention and teacher accessibility. We understand the importance of homework in preparing students for college and are committed to holding them to a high standard and assisting them in achieving their greatest potential.

Rigorous and supportive academics

Junior high directly prepares students for the responsibilities of high school. Junior High students are encouraged and assisted when struggling and challenged when excelling. PraxiSchool, New Hope Christian Academy's online grading management system, allows parents to keep current on their students' progress. If there is a question, our teachers are available via voicemail, email or personal meeting, eager to resolve your concern.

Junior High Curriculum

Formal typing and study skills classes provide Junior High students with immediate competencies to support their secondary learning. United States History and World History courses provide students with foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in High School's Advanced Placement (AP) versions of the course.


Junior High students take an accelerated math course that provides additional Algebra support for those who struggle, while positioning strong math students to enroll in the math course of their choice in high school.